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Genres: Drama , Music
Actors: Gérard Jugnot , François Berléand , Kad Merad , Jean-Paul Bonnaire , Marie Bunel , Jean-Baptiste Maunier , Maxence Perrin , Grégory Gatignol , Thomas Blumenthal , Cyril Bernicot , Simon Fargeot , Théodule Carré-Cassaigne , Philippe du Janerand , Carole Weiss , Erick Desmarestz
Director: Christophe Barratier
Country: France, Switzerland, Germany
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 7.8/10 (27373 votes)

Fond de l’Etang is a boarding school for troubled boys located in the French countryside. In the mid-twentieth century, it is run by the principal M. Rachin, an egotistical disciplinarian whose official unofficial mantra for the school is “action – reaction”, meaning that there will be severe consequences for any boy out of line. This approach does not seem to be working as the boys as a collective are an unruly bunch. In turn, the teachers don’t teach, but are always watching out for the next subversive act from the boys. January 15, 1949 marks the arrival to the school of the new supervisor, M. Clément Mathieu, a middle-aged man who is grasping at finding his place in life after a series of failed endeavors. Although he does find the boys an unruly lot, Mathieu does not believe in the “action – reaction” policy, and as such, butts heads with Rachin while secretly undermining the policy. Slowly, Mathieu’s approach of trying to match the discipline to the crime does have a positive effect on a handful of students. With the reluctant approval of Rachin, Mathieu begins a grander experiment of trying to transform the overall atmosphere within the school, core within the experiment being to start a choir among his students. This move is a difficult one for him as a failed musician, as well as for the initially reluctant students. During this process, Mathieu focuses on two different students for two different reasons. Pépinot, a younger boy, seems to lack guidance and focus, and who always says he is waiting for Saturday when his father will pick him up, he who never does. And Pierre Morhange, an older student, is the anachronism: introverted, but prone to outbursts of individual subversiveness – the devil with the face of an angel as the other teachers describe him. Behind the reason for his subversiveness, which Mathieu slowly learns, Morhange hides a love of music and a true talent in it. Beyond overcoming the obvious obstacles of Rachin and the students’ skepticism and Rachin’s egotism, Mathieu has another challenge in newly arrived Pascal Mondain, a truly troubled older boy with pathological tendencies whose presence alone may wreak havoc throughout the school, and not just with Mathieu’s project. Over fifty years later, Morhange and Pépinot, who have not seen each other since that time and who did not spend that much time together while at school, are reading through Mathieu’s memoirs from his time at the school, which unmasks the reason why the two are privy to the memoir and the effect he had on their lives. Written by Huggo Set in 1948, a professor of music, Clement Mathieu, becomes the supervisor at a boarding school for the rehabilitation for minors. What he discovers disconcerts him — the current situation is repressive. Through the power of song, Clement tries to transform the students. Written by Sujit R. Varma In 1949 Monsieau Clement, an assistant teacher, comes to a school for “difficult” boys. The School is run by a hard minded principal. The motto of the school being “Action – ReAction”. This method obviously isn’t working, as there are a lot of problems and problem children. Monsieau Clement tries to reach his boys and build trust and true order through music. Written by Anonymous On 15 January 1949, the former music teacher Clément Mathieu arrives in “Fond de l’ Etang” (“Bottom of the Well”), a boarding school for orphans and problematic boys, to work as an inspector. The place is administrated with iron fist by the cruel director Rachin, and most of the boys have severe punishments for their faults. Clément decides to teach the boys to sing in a choir in their spare time, and identify the musical potential of the rebel Pierre Morhange, the son of a beautiful single mother for whom he feels a crush. He also has a special feeling for the young Pépinot, a boy that expects the visit of his father every Saturday near the gate, but indeed lost his parents in the war. With his methods, Clément changes the lives of the boys, of the other employees and his own.

Film Review

Its really interesting watching film that were foreign. You don't have to understand their language at all, provided by subtitles. However what you would truly appreciate with most of them is their earthly brilliant stories you would never expect to see. Les Choristes, simply "The Choir" brought me interest and joy in seeing another wonderful film of all times. Truthfully the film didn't get too tight in improving the mood of the story. The atmosphere, the characters, the background musics, effects and the rest of the film were carefully made presentable and good. The characters are also justly comprehensible. Clement Mathieu (Gerard Jugnot) had incredibly brought into stage a character the situation deems impossible to materialize. He became the teacher he had to be in the story and his character is firm enough to portray it till the end. Rachin (Francois Berleand), the principal (His face is really familiar) also had the character, which I describe as swift, shar…

All of us have a common denominator when it comes to inspiration and motivation… we all have a mentor whom we always think about when we have reached our dreams or when we wish to do better next time. What will you feel if you have been given a chance to read his/her journal.. and see your name and whole being develop in every page? All along you thought he/she was a part of your life. You did not realize that you were also a part of theirs.Good actors can express different facial expressions. Great actors like Gérard Jugnot has the ability to execute the "wonder and awe" facial expression. Reverence-respect-dread-wonder-genius-great beauty-sublimity-might in one face… classic. How many times have you seen a person look at you that way? Or have you looked at a person that way? The film surprises me. I surprise myself. People surprise me. I am caught off guard by how this film can move me, how I can move myself and how people can move me. It's the passion to cr…

Despite viewing many Japanese Anime, I cannot consider myself a foreign movie fan. I don't mind watching occasional live-action flicks from places other than America, but most of the time it's hit and miss for me. That said I was pleasantly surprised to discover how much I enjoyed LES CHORISTES (or, as the Miramax DVD release calls it, THE CHORUS). Gently told and beautifully photographed, this drama from first-time director Christophe Barratier struck both an emotional and musical chord with this viewer–in fact it was enough to bring back childhood memories for me. But before I get all sappy, onto the movie itself.Set in 1947 France, LES CHORISTES tells the story of Clément Mathieu, a music composer and teacher who finds himself taking a job at Fond de L'Etang, a run-down boarding school consisting of troubled boys who are either orphans or borderline delinquents. Mathieu, a patient, compassionate fellow, eventually turns the entire school upside down when he comm…